Facts You Should Know About SEO

Google has been releasing updates on its system, particularly rolling out algorithm that would change the way SEO works for many websites. Having an understanding of the facts that drive traffic and help to attract users is a benefit many website owners should look into. SEO is more about marketing and understanding how it works means you will have the best strategy for your website. Here are some of the facts you should know about seo services and their importance.

The Three Pillars: Content, Social Media, Links
Improving the quality of links bound into a website is a good idea, but focusing on earned links from other websites is more practical. Social media offers one of the largest markets where you can easily market your products. If you want to get traffic to your website, you should invest in social media marketing. This will attract more people to the website, some of whom could turn into buyers. Content is another aspect of SEO marketing that should not be overlooked while planning to get seo services. High quality and informative content will lead to more shares and eventually traffic.

Speed matters
One of the main goals Google has tabled is the need to offer quality results to users. Among definitions attached to quality is high load speeds for websites. This implies websites that load sluggishly are likely to rank lower. Many website developers have been avoiding Flash and ensuring there are no poorly done JavaScript and Ajax codes, which could contribute to slow loading speed. A faster website will definitely record low bounce rates and probably more shares depending on the content displayed.

Can Your Website be Trusted?
Professionals who offer seo services will warn against desperate attempts like keyword stuffing. A well designed website that features content in perfect format will earn more trust, hence likely to get more traffic.